What is the Urantia Book?

The Urantia Book contains nearly 2,000 pages divided into 196 Papers related to all aspects of human life.

The book begins with a description of God and the central universe of divine perfection. Its description of the cosmos moves outward toward life on our planet, covering in the process the essential elements of our careers from life here on Urantia (the universe name for the earth), all the way until we come into the personal presence of God on Paradise, and beyond.

The highly detailed biography of Jesus places the Urantia Book in a class with the finest literature in the English language. “There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life.” The Urantia Book Read More….

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Readers Stories

briMy name is Brianna Oliver I hope you become inspired by me.  The outreach that I have done consists only of spreading the lovely teachings of the Urantia book.  For me outreach is fun, energizing, and fulfilling.  I have not read the Urantia Book from cover to cover but that doesn’t stop me from spreading the good word because it’s not how much you know, but how you use it, that impresses people.  I feel like my understanding of the teachings of the Urantia book shine through and inspire those souls who are hungry and ready for truth. Mainly I do out reach at college campuses, out and about the city, and lastly personal interactions with my close friends. Read more….

tevHello my friends! I am Teuvo Orjala. This project you are seeing be born is a long time dream of mine. Its truly amazing to sit here living out my dreams. When you follow your heart in life it will not always be easy but there is a certain type of energy you receive from the father when you do so. I truly believe that many of us must lay down our material hopes about life and dedicate ourselves one hundred percent to the work of our creator. Each one of us who does this will inspire TEN! Or maybe a Thousand. And what work do I speak of? Doing what we have been blessed to understand. Live a life of service and love. But this takes a great effort and much training right?  Read More….

daniWhen Jesus spoke about evangelism, he wasn’t a professor teaching on the principles of how to cultivate new converts with a color-coded diagram and chart. He was speaking from deep within his heart with a love for the people of this world. Reminding his disciples of the emptiness that once was, now they had truth residing, and where there was just daily living now an eternal perspective had come in. Evangelism and outreach doesn’t begin in the words we speak but our everyday thoughts and actions and our own dedication to furthering our knowledge of truth. We cannot bring others to the light if we ourselves are not being immersed in this light. Read More….