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Hi my name is Shane Whittington and I live in Tucson, AZ. When I was young I had anger issues. I was mad at the world and myself. About this time I’d say I was about 7, I started to have dreams. In the dreams a person would come to me and talk to me about my problems. He was supporting and loving in his words. But I remember he always pointed out that he loved me.

During most of my life I was strongly against God. I remember my Christian friend told me one day “Shane, do you know God loves you?” Still to this day I remember what I said “That’s nice.” The turning point for me was when I was about 15. Looking in the mirror I asked myself “Do I want to be this mad in ten years? Twenty years?” and the answer was no!

I started working at the Veterans Hospital in Tucson, AZ in Nov of 2008. During this time in my life, I was searching for spiritual truth.  I looked into Christianity, the Mormon Church, Ouija Boards, Paganism, and Crystal Shamanism. In all these things I still felt there was something missing. About this time I was sitting having lunch with friends at work and that was when I met Aaron Rutan. I was talking about WW2 and how I always felt that we had divine help during the war. Aaron right off the bat said “I have the book for you!” Yes what a way to win over a person for the Urantia Book. But you know what? It worked!  At first I was skeptical of a book with no actual authors.  But Aaron would get me to read with him during our 15 min breaks. Which, mind you, I was late, skipped, or even just blew him off. Now mind you I knew right off the bat that this was the book for me but, I wasn’t sure how to handle Aaron at that time. Once I became friends with Aaron he talked me into reading with him and his mother at his house.

Now we fast forward about two and a half years to about a few months ago. It came to me one day “What am I doing with this revelation?”  Something told me that the more I knew the more that is to be expected of me. I always knew I am here to help people so I finally dedicated my life to “Getting the Book out!”

Aaron and I have gotten about 250+ books in the Tucson area over the last few years at Libraries, Hospital waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, and just giving them to people we have meet. So I sat down and made a plan. I want to get more than just a few books at a time. On our incomes we are only able to buy a few books a month. We ultimately knew that to build something in Tucson we need readers. It won’t do much good to build a study group or large organizations if seeding of Urantia Books aren’t done on a large scale. I would love to see the day when across America there were 5000 young readers trained to get out an average of 200 books a year in their cities and surrounding areas and build from there. I think they have given us this book to pass out to people. From what I hear, that is how California’s groups got so large, by giving them out on the beaches.

The starting point is getting help from anyone who is willing to help donate to our cause in getting books. Since we are already getting books into Book stores, Prisons, Libraries, Hospital libraries and waiting rooms, I plan to target Universities in the area to get a Youth Group started. Once I have a group started I want to start getting more books put out in the rest of Arizona and beyond. We are also working with seven people in Ghana and need funds for shipping books as fast as they can get them. We have started documenting our placing’s with pictures, and hope to inspire others to send us their pictures and stories of book placing’s, to make it into a friendly competition.

Each time Aaron and I get books we brainstorm on new and different places to put the books because, we try to keep rotating where we place them so that we don’t wear out our welcome in any one place. Tucson is large enough to grant us a variety of places to place the Book. Anyone with a large Metropolitan area has the same opportunity. We are at the turning point being the new generation to try something new. Spontaneity is the key to getting these books out. Aaron kept telling me about being led to people and places by the sprit, by being open to the concept of listening to that inner voice that says “Walk this way.” Now I know what he means, because one day I went to breakfast with a friend from work. As I pulled into the restaurant and in the parking lot is a beat up old man asking for a ride.[/wpcol_3quarter_end] Of course most cases the answer is No, But today something told me to do it. As I drove this man to his location he told me about his life, family, and his current hardships. I felt the urged to give him a Book.  Now some back story, Aaron got me a Christmas present, a nice leather bound Urantia Book, with a leather case to carry it in. That was the only book I had on me. I didn’t care how nice the book was or even if it was a present from a close friend, the present of giving this love to a man who needed it was the most important thing to me at the time.

Were just trying to use the K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) method to get the books out. When one of us has a negative situation happen to us with the book, we work together and process better and more positive ways to approach people. We us each other as a touch stone to keep from being discouraged. To do any kind of evangelistic work you need a partner to bounce ideas off of.

If you can offer any help with our mission on book seeding, I have a Pay Pal account or you can email me at for any questions you might have. I have a site you can visit to offer or share ideas on.

Never forget “Get the book out!”

Love and support,

Shane Whittington


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4 thoughts on “Shane Whittington”

  1. Dear Shane,

    Thanks for what you are doing in Tucson and the inspiration that you are. I hope you are aware of the Pipeline of Light for free Urantia books? Michelle Klimesch can help you with that. Have you been in touch with Andrea Barnes, the volunteer coordinator for the Urantia Book Fellowship?


  2. Shane Whittington

    Thank you for your comments. Cristina, I am aware of the pipeline but I have not talked to them yet. I am working on getting in contact with people all over the Urantia book community. I’m talking to people from the Fellowship and also the foundation. I need books and so far I and Aaron are supplying them. So I’ll do whatever I have to getting books into this community! Any prayers sure are appreciated!

    Love and suport,
    Shane Whittington

  3. Shane I am so proud of you and what you are doing. You and Aaron are true blessings. I loss Aaron’s info. Please send to me.

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