Calling Young World Travelers!

And Supporters Too!

The “2 x 2 = MORE” project, sponsored by the Northern Light Society of Alaska, is Calling Young World Travelers to become Urantia ambassadors!! Our project is now in its third year of assisting young Urantia adults with expenses as they accompany an International Outreach Team to book fairs. In the last 2 years we have been able to sponsor Janelle Mazza, Mae Thompson and April Helen Morgan to the countries of Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Phillipines. These fine young women have shared their experiences in many of our newsletters and they have all gone to become leMap-Croatiaaders in many of our Fellowship events.

Book fairs have been a great way of introducing The Urantia Book to people of all different faiths, races, ages and beliefs. Fairs generally last about 5 days (plus travel days). And at the end, our Urantia group sponsors a mini conference or study session. Every day is a surprise as you meet and greet your fellows. You will have the opportunity to grow your own skills, talents and soul as you listen, talk and share with new people and great team members of the International Fellowship Committee led by its chairman, Buck Weimer. In 2014, the IFC will go to South Korea, Ecuador, Africa and for the first time, Croatia!

This country is formerly a part of Yugoslavia and it’s Dalamatia Coast borders the Adriatic Sea. Spirit lives deeply here and there is great evidence of that in the churches, the hearts of the people and their intent to fully participate in developing their country. It is a beautiful and easy place to visit and English is spoken by most of its citizens. Join us as we introduce The Urantia Book to Croatia.

October 15-19th, 2014

Participants will need to have a spirit of adventure and stamina, be at least 21, have a valid passport, answer some vetting questions and write a short essay to help with the selection process. To learn more about this project, please view our video at To apply please contact me, Barb Maier, Secretary of the Northern Light Society of Alaska and a member of the IFC at Do it as soon as possible please.


We encourage financial support from our greater Urantia community!

Donations can be made through the Pay Pal button on our website.

Any adults that would like to travel with us are most welcome too!

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2 thoughts on “Calling Young World Travelers!”

  1. Hello everybody,

    I am from Croatia and I’m looking forward to meeting TUB fellows in person.

    See you at September.

    Peace be upon you

    1. Hello Hrvoje ~ We’re excited to come visit your beautiful homeland and meet you in person this September. Good to hear from you …. stay in touch!

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