contibutor_templageWhat It Means For The World To Ensure Spiritual Unity

By SanSkritA Dell Erba

I had the blessing of attending the YA YA Regeneration Conference in Gloucester, MA on April 18-21. I live at Global Community Communication Alliance in Tumacácori, AZ, and when my brother was invited by Teuvo to join this event he of course thought to bring some friends along. It ended up that 4 of us geared up and took to the sky, my little sister DesManae had not been in a plane since she was 7, I had not been in one since I was 16, my brother is in them all the time and La’Far is superman so he never really even uses planes. I am always excited about meeting new friends and finding common ground among people, but in my own heart I also held a fear of attending this event. This fear is not illusionary, my community has felt the brunt of false accusations and animosity for many, many years by many individuals in the Urantia Book movement. Fortunately, I was able to get over my fear very quickly by realizing that many of those who would be attending this particular conference were open loving individuals, full of the adventurous spirit that youth usually carry. I wanted to meet that point blank, because I too am an adventurous person and terribly curious about people, especially fellow UB readers! What I experienced at the conference exceeded my fondest expectations and truly surprised me. I was inspired by the love, kindness, enthusiasm, sincerity and over all goodness of those I met. Did I die and go to heaven? I am familiar with this where I live, but to step out the community and meet another whole group of young adults who were exhibiting the fruits of the spirit was a beautiful sight to behold. But we must remember, we were TOGETHER, and our union was effective because we all had a common understanding of the revelation as it is given in the Urantia Book. This type of mindal unity and spiritual unity is paramount to creating a new culture and will help us foster a living revelation in our daily lives.

Each one of us desires to be surrounded by like-minded people; it is somehow the deepest desire of the entire human race. What has caused battles over the centuries is due to many factors, but a prevailing fact is that religion in all of its beauty has also been the cause of untold horrors and division. Peace is simply unity. But how is unity attained? Our spiritual concepts must match, but the way in which we perceive our lives, economy, education, politics, foreign policy, marriage, ethics, etc. varies greatly, due mainly to our individual experiences. Even Jesus was instructed before his 7th bestowal not to get into political, social or economic discussions as each generation must find for themselves the answers to these problems. But what Jesus did teach in depth was the importance of seeking the Fathers will and living in the Kingdom of Heaven which invariably lives within us. This spiritual teaching encompasses each generation and can be a common thread that unites us regardless of present day societal problems. The Spirit of Truth always remains the citadel of our lives and will activate in us a keen sense of unity should we begin more and more to tap into it.

There is a direct power when two great minds come together to share in their wealth of spiritual and intellectual concepts, such as Albert Einstein’s meetings with Indian mystic Rabindranath Tagore or Harry Belafonte’s work with Russell Means, Dennis Banks, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Imagine this multiplied by 1,000. How about 1,000,000? The Urantia Book stretches our minds to new limits and enlightens many parts of ourselves that were kept in the dark before and that maybe we did not even know existed within us. This happens over time, but given the chance it surely will transpire. This expansion of our souls could captivate the whole human race and ripple through in a trillion different ways and the golden effect of spiritual unity could take place. But it takes work and leadership.

How can we take what we experienced at the conference and cultivate it? We touched upon it at the conference as we all tried to brainstorm how we could come together as UB readers outside of a conference that happens a couple times a year. Some of us suggested a coffee shop with the UB on the table; another suggested doing a mural; while yet another suggested community service projects. These are all wonderful ideas, but whence to make them happen? And then what after they have been accomplished? It must begin and never end. The momentum must be charged by enlightened leadership and sustained by willing workers who are ready and capable to lend themselves to a progressive movement of change. It takes dedication and loyalty to commit yourself to progress, no matter what the obstacles. Sacrifice is needed in order to succeed. God will lead you to that next big choice that will greatly shift the course of your life and those who are in it. Big changes are scary, but without them we can get stuck and God cannot do all that He could do with us. We are the instruments and we choose how well we are in tune with His will and to the degree in which we can bless the world with our skills. God’s perfect will is the ultimate unifier that will bring us together.

It was outstanding to come together for a few short days and be able to talk UB lingo with young people that I just had met. We grok eachother. (read “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein to know what that means, or for instant potatoes, Google it) But then we go home to our individual lives, surrounded by a world of people who do not read the UB and who we cannot fraternize with in quite the same way. At the conference we experienced firsthand the magic of higher group consciousness. And we loved it. It is healing, uplifting and energy giving. It is true that no matter whom you  meet you should always seek common ground and certainly love should go before you, but there is a special treasure to be had in this shared spiritual unity that we all profoundly felt.

What we need is radical unity worldwide and it starts with building community. We had a taste of what group unity can be like, let’s not lose that flavor, indeed we should be creating and re-creating this for each other and the world!


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Thanks to the YA YA Committee for your open invitation to the 4 of us from Global Community Communications Alliance who attended the conference. We felt right in the pocket of Gods outworking and He led a magnificent way.