From Errol

This is an “Introduction” to the Urantia Book in 3 parts, presented by Errol Strider, UB reader since 1969. He says: “My intention with these videos is to introduce prospective UB readers to the book in a way that is relaxed, personal and anecdotal. I would appreciate it if UB readers could share their impressions of how effective you think these intros are and if you have any prospective readers in your life, have them watch and give me some feedback. Thanks. Errol”

Part 1

UB Introduction from Teuvo Orjala on Vimeo.


Part 2

The World Today from Teuvo Orjala on Vimeo.


Part 3

About You from Teuvo Orjala on Vimeo.

“Funny, intense, compulsive, impulsive, passionate, thinks too much…easily distracted, loyal, fascinated with every detail of existence and how it all relates.”