9660523_300x300Urantia Book Films is an experimental effort to produce short inspirational videos to introduce people to The Urantia Book.  They are produced for propagation across social media networks so the challenge is to make them compelling enough for people to share and forward.

The goal is to produce them in a variety of visual styles and approaches to test response and interest.  From these experiments the approach can be refined and developed.

It is important to appreciate that the interpretation of each piece takes place within the mind of a personality–a mind in which an Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth are working. So the primary challenge is to try and create materials which can be used by those spiritual agencies to illuminate meanings within the mind of the viewer.

Second is the opportunity to expose people to The Urantia Book in a context which hopefully is both aesthetic and inspirational.  These pieces are intended to be very, very basic in the messages they provide — no animated diagrams of the relationship between the evolving Supreme and the Architects of the Master Universe here.

David Kantor

Beautiful music video by Marti Garlow Leib and David Kantor.

You have a destiny beyond imagination. The Urantia Book: The spiritual renaissance has begun.

We left you a book . . . The Urantia Book . . . We’ll be back after you’ve read it.

The Urantia Book: A revelation about Jesus for the 21st century.

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One of the greatest events in human history has taken place within our lifetimes — the appearance of The Urantia Book. Don’t miss it!

The Urantia Book: Empowering people who serve the Master