Our main goal is to engage our community in an effort to work together. Though this website was originally the vision of a single person it would not function with out the help and support of everyone. Its survival and success is going to be determined by its supporters and contributors. This site is about a conversation our generation is trying to start. A conversation about whats possible.

Our community has developed many great websites for the purpose of making the Urantia Book available to the public.

I see URANTIA NOW as the natural progression in this forward moving effort to connect with each other online. URANTIA NOW is set up in a blog format. It is created for members or anyone to comment and contribute ideas, as well as a place to learn about the activities of our community. Posts are designed to be a conversation.

If you have any thoughts or feelings about any particular part of a page or post go to the bottom of the page and leave a comment.

If you think you have a story or idea you would like to contribute please Contact Us. We do have openings for contributors, meaning you could have your own running subject featured on this site and be taught how to manage its content.

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Your support really does make a difference.

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