richard_thumbBy Richard S. Omura
I’ve always believed that in introducing UB concepts to the public, that we should first internalize them, make them our own, and then express them in our own words and actions. I see this concept portrayed in the parable of the sower in The UB as well as in many others sources of insight. It is easy to just hand out books, and we should certainly do that, but it is when we can teach these meaningful ideas to others using our own method of expression that we have shown to God that we have learned those lessons. In my own efforts at this, I have tried various ways: books, music, art, workshops, etc. They all have worked to one degree or another, some more successful than others. One such effort is a website I created called I made this website just to put it out there and because I enjoy doing stuff like this. I didn’t expect a lot of people to come to the site and didn’t tell hardly anyone about it. But it is amazing that even without advertising or marketing, people come to this site almost everyday. I don’t know where they hear about it, probably just word of mouth, but it uplifts me everytime I see a lot of hits on the site. Most of these concepts are found in The UB. I won’t tell you what page but most long time readers should find them familiar. The true origin of these concepts can be traced to God, books are only one channel.
So what’s on the site? Here it is:
  • Be truthful to yourself. See yourself as you really are, without ego and pride, without fear, shame or guilt, without making excuses or rationalizing. If you see the goodness of your life, be thankful and acknowledge the people and circumstances that have blessed you and give back. If you see within yourself some darkness, some negativity, a part of you that you don’t like, that is okay. By acknowledging it you shine the light of truth on it and it will no longer be dark. Forgive yourself, for the Creator has already forgiven you in infinite mercy. Then you can move on. It is only by seeing yourself as you really are that you can better yourself.
  • Balance the good and the bad in all things. Going through life, you will see both the positive and the negative. Focus on the positive but face up to the cause of negative occurrences. Sometimes the negative will fade by its own weight of non-reality as long as it is not focused upon. Sometimes one needs to take positive action in order to counter the affects of negative action.
  • Make a direct, personal connection with the universal parent. Have a one-to-one relationship with the Creator and Source. Refrain from allowing other people and things to make the connection for you; other people and things such as scripture, clergy, gurus, wise men, prophets, books and organized religions. Appreciate them but don’t give them power over your own convictions. If you don’t know how to connect with The Source one-to-one, then learn! That is your first priority, because that is the foundation for true happiness and fulfillment.
  • Express the love within you – reach out to others. Spirituality is about sharing love. Love, when stored, will stagnate. Love cannot be stored, it must be shared for it to remain love. Love must flow from person to person for it to be more than a feeling. Love without action is just a sentiment. True love is always founded in action.
  • Relax. Tenseness immobilizes the body, mind and soul. Relaxing opens up the heart and allows love to flow out. Relax in oneness with the universe. Realize that everything is getting better. Relax, knowing that Universe loves you.
  • Be of good cheer! Smile! Humor allows you to relax and realize the friendliness of the universe. Taking yourself too seriously saps your drive and makes you tired. A sense of humor will give you more energy. Focusing on just your own needs weakens you. Strength comes from being one with the whole: the family, the city, the nation, the Earth, the Universe!
  • Be thankful. Be grateful for what you have been given. Lack is an illusion. You have everything necessary for happiness. Appreciate them and give thanks. If you are not grateful for the good things that you have been given, how can you expect to be given more?