Wherever life may lead you UB Chat is just one call away.



Starting on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

UB Chat is to be a service to readers across the world as a way for them to connect with each other. This is a way for Urantia Book readers come together to support each other through the different issues and experiences of life as they may come.

My name is Liz Craig and as the founder of UB Chat I will be the voice connecting readers. I have attended eight different seminars in learning different self-help tools. I also assisted in some of them and I think I can apply the things that I learned to others like I did with myself. I did some peer mediation in high school and it has helped me even further with these experiences. It has made me the go-to person for friends and peers alike when it comes to the matter of counsel and guidance.

When I was at the YaYA Invitational in Pasadena we all had a workshop on what we think Jesus would have us do if we were his Apostles. During this workshop I got the inspiration to start this hotline. My love of helping people has been the determining factor in wanting to create UB Chat.

This hotline connects the community in yet another way. Technology is at the ready, why not use it? If as a community, we can expand our reach by a hotline where readers can reach each other, then we are furthering our cause in a meaningful way.

Please note: UB Chat is intended as a loving service to the youth and young adult community, and I expect all callers to respect that intention. I reserve the right to use my own discretion in terminating any call that becomes inappropriate or otherwise counter to the stated goals of UB Chat. I am supported in this endeavor by the Youth and Young Adult Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship, to which any improper uses of UB Chat will be reported. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

UB Chat Hours are:

Tuesday- 3:00-8:00PM PST

Wednesday-  3:00-8:00PM PST

Thursday- 3:00-8:00PM PST

Friday- 3:00-8:00PM PST