The Youth & Young Adults’ first-ever Invitational was an amazing success!! The weekend had a feeling of creativity and dynamic perfection. Nine youth and young adults spent the weekend sharing, learning, and planning for the future.

We had a well-thought-out schedule that moved us through the weekend and gave us opportunities to share, have fun, and contribute. Being the very first Invitational we have had, it was a great learning experience for everyone involved. What I was personally left with was a real sense of joy and love. Driving back to California I had the thought of Jesus and me walking to the store together. I soon realized this was because of how I left the weekend feeling. What I mean is that if you went on a walk to the store, with Jesus, to get groceries, I’m sure you would come back with EVERYTHING you needed, you know what I mean?! And that’s how I felt leaving Boulder. Fully fulfilled.

We invited in the experience and entertainment of Errol Strider, who led us in a great workshop of movement and spirit.  Don Green talked to us about his 30+ years of campus outreach, which was a great story of devotion that included insights into how we can be much more visible on college campuses. Thomas Orjala shared with us the exciting developments of the Fellowship’s Outreach committee and the tremendous opportunities that are available to this generation…especially if we declare it! We had time in between for the youth and young adults to be alone and to explore our committee vision statement that speaks to study, socialization, support, service, and outreach of the Urantia Book and its teachings.  Some wonderful ideas came from these sessions, which we will share very soon.

This is why it is so important to create and support weekends like this one. Many more young people would have attended if they could have afforded it. It is up to our community to motivate others to support the happenings of the up and coming generation. What the other religionists and organizations would do for a camp like this one is to subsidize a large portion of the cost in order to make it possible for anyone who wants to attend, to have the opportunity. We must begin to see that our efforts can be multiplied with the support of the greater Urantia Community.

This is my question to everyone. What is our generation going to declare as their mission? What bar are we going to set for ourselves to hurdle over? Will we push ourselves beyond what we believe is possible and inspire others around us to join in our fight for the spiritual regeneration of the world?! I think our weekend in Boulder is a sign that many are ready. As one participant wrote me this week “I want to help spread the word & contribute.  Hold me to that.  Before I was just floating around and now that I feel connected, it’s time to get off my butt and do it. My head is spinning with possibilities after this weekend.  It was absolutely refreshing and reinvigorating to meet up with everyone.  Being together in the awareness of the UB and its content really calmed my nerves and pushed me forward”. This to me speaks volumes about what is possible.

There are so many hundreds if not thousands of young adults in the world who know about the Urantia Book, either on their own or through a family member, but have no idea there is a community forming to take on the revelation and live its teachings. So how do we make them aware? We keep having events like this one that produce life-lasting experiences for those who participate. So when they leave they feel connected and supported through a highly active community.

If you have ideas or can offer support for what we are creating please contact us. We are extremely grateful and honored to have our brilliant community to guide us.


View our weekend’s schedule here.

Photos from the weekend for your viewing pleasure!