About Us – Online at www.ubla.org

UBLA’s goals are to study and disseminate the teachings of the Urantia Book, and to encourage of the realization and appreciation of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

UBLA strives to increase and enhance the comfort, happiness and well-being of man as an individual and as a member of society through our efforts as individuals and as members. Please explore the website and feel free to drop in on one of the quarterly meetings at the Whittier Art Gallery!

The Urantia Book Los Angeles Society is one of many societies given a charter by the Urantia Brotherhood, now known as the Urantia Book Fellowship. The second listing under “LInks” will take you to the Fellowship’s home page.  UBLA members have been meeting in Los Angeles since 1946. UBLA is guided by a Governing Board elected by the membership at the annual meeting in November each year.


Officers 2012

President:  Kermit Anderson


Vice-President:   Jerry Dalton



Treasurer: Mark Erickson
Secretary:  Natalia Larson
Publications: Rodger
BenjaminsBooks:  Robert Burns
Education:  Michael Dunkin
Hospitality: Richard Omura
Membership:  Debbie Herman
Outreach: Dianne Bishop