The GGC Society is the San Francisco and Greater Bay Area representative of The Urantia Book Fellowship. Our society serves local and regional study groups and is dedicated to the understanding and dissemination of The Urantia Book.


Officers 2013

President – Claire Miller  (415) 235-5879


Oversees Society business, committees, and events. Coordinates GGCS and UB Fellowship business. Conducts GGCS business meetings.

Vice President – Geoff Theiss


Aid in coordinating committee activities and record keeping. Assists President in coordinating GGC and UB Fellowship business.

Secretary – Dennis Baker (650) 432-8968


Maintains a chronological file of all Society minutes. Keeps a summarized record of decisions made at Society meetings to simplify decision-making. Keeps records of Society correspondence.

Officer Information

Treasurer: Halbert Katzen (303) 589-1190 – halbert@ubthenews.com Maintains copies of annual summaries of all past financial reports. Issues a semi-annual GGC’s budget report. Keeps track of membership via dues paid. Coordinates fund-raising and publicity for the Serbo-Croatian translation of the Urantia Book, in progress.

Membership Committee: Maintains a chronological file of applications for membership and other membership documents. Maintains the Society Membership Book and sees that it’s signed as new members are inducted. Sends and receives membership applications. Performs induction ceremony whenever needed. Coordinates membership records with Treasurer.

Program Committee: Dolores Nice (650-369-6803) dlnice@worldnet.att.net Maintains a chronological file of Society events and the expenses associated with them.

Communications Committee: Maintains a file of the written communications and a copy of all past printings of the GGCS newsletter. Maintains the Society master address file. Maintains e-mail address files so that we can post to one address to send to society members, officers, or study groups. Maintains the Society web site. Handles GGCS mass mailings. Keeps historical copies of the web site, address file, e-mail files, and newsletter, etc. on a zip disk or CD-ROM.

Historical Committee: Maintains a file of Society records. Keeps the Society flag and banner. Keeps copies of all GGCS newsletters, copies of minutes, annual financial reports, membership totals, fliers and society event notices, photo albums, copies of electronic files submitted from officers and committees. Keeps copies of membership book pages, public awards, notices and obituaries. The historical committee should be the primary source of materials.

Ad Hoc Committees:

Translation Committee: Chairman: Claudia Ayers (831-462-4823) claudia.ayers@gmail.com Keeps copies of the printed and the electronic translation files for the Serbo-Croatian translation. Responsible for publicity and fund-raising for this translation.

The Book Project, Pipeline of Light Committee: Michelle Klimesh mk@linkzone.com. Collects donations for sending books to South America and other countries.