I was born as a Buddhist, but I stopped believe in religion in 1975 after the communist government executed my father in my presence. When I came to America in 1980, I decided to be an Engineer. I recieved my electrical engineering degree in 1988. I thought I made it with this degree and my life would be a happy one. However, there was something missing in my life. I was not happy. In 1997, I found God, a Christian God. So, I went to the churches searching for God. I was baptized four times as each church claimed to be the true church of God. I was not happy with any churches. So, I kept on searching. I went back to buddhism and then Islam…I found only partial PEACE within each religions. Then, I turned inward. I thought God must be within me. In spring of 2006, I read about what I could learn from hypnosis. It said that I could be connected to my loved one or other beings in the spirit realm through hypnosis. During this session, I journeyed through three levels. The first level, I encountered a wise man who said he would led me to the true knowledge. The second level, I encountered various colored light beings where I met my earthly father who was executed in 1975. The third level, I met the Creator.

In October 2009, I discovered a book called “The Urantia Book”. I found the book while searching the internet about “The God Truths”. This book answered all the questions that I had as a result of my hypnosis session in 2006, as well as many, many others that I never ever conceived of asking. As of today, the Urantia Book has satisfied most of my spiritual and material curiosities and hunger. I have found happiness. My next goal and desire are to ascend to Paradise and meet the Father, face-to-face in my perfected body, state or being , which would mean I have found true happiness.
– Savuth Penn