Official Launch at IC’11


The General Council, through the Strategic Visioning Committee’s Fellowship in the Field venture, selected “Reaching Urantia Now” (RUN) as their first pilot program.  RUN is dedicated to training and commissioning leaders who will bring the Revelation to humanity. The RUN committee, consisting of Andrea Barnes, Thomas Orjala and Aurora Hill, designed the new program. The program is guided by a core purpose of creating and implementing reproducible outreach programs that develop leadership skills by engaging volunteers in actively sharing the revelation.


RUN is providing hands-on outreach opportunities to existing, new and potential readers that enliven and enrich those interested in furthering the Revelation’s reach on our planet by enthusiastically continuing the “learning then sharing” method taught by the Master while on earth.


The team is developing RUN by creating and implementing dynamic outreach programs such as Cosmic Road Show, Traveling Emissaries and Campus Outreach. These programs are being aided by the development of updated pamphlets, fliers, documents and DVD’s using new and compelling images and slogans. These will be used for various activities including multi-media presentations, the web (including Facebook), and public outreach events.


Societies, Study Groups and individual readers are an integral part of the success of RUN. They are the foundation of our connection to local events.  Readers are encouraged by the visiting ambassadors to participate as program leaders and hosts and will be trained to interact with the public as emissaries of the Revelation. Experiential training for participants in programs, expos, Road Shows and public events such as Cosmic Café (public discussion group) is available through coaching, mentoring and hands-on development.  As RUN’s ambassadors and emissaries are actively involved in leadership positions, they will be asked to contribute to the ongoing development and expansion of this program. Their experiences will aid us in developing better training methods and materials.


Are you interested in finding out more? Do you see something here that could be brought to your community? The RUN team is scheduling and implementing programs right now.  Watch for the workshops at IC’11 detailing RUN’s activities. Learn how you can bring RUN to your community.  Contact us and get involved!


Andrea Barnes   (951) 623-6715

Aurora Hill   (208) 640-0660

Thomas Orjala   (208) 704-1985