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Let’s Get to Gathering for IC’17!

As students of the Urantia Papers we actively seek opportunities to be of service. Let us serve together as we gather together! If you are planning to join your spiritual community in Denver next summer for the Fellowship’s triennial international gathering, we have a challenge for you. We are encouraging all interested readers with three community challenges.

1. Many Urantia souls experienced the wonder of the Parliament of the World’s Religions a year ago. Some 125 Urantia Book students joined over 14,000 other souls to find value in the worldwide Interfaith movement. This watershed moment has mightily motivated the IC’17 team with the aid of the Outreach, Interfaith, International, and YaYA / Family Life Committees of The Urantia Book Fellowship. Therefore, the first challenge is to help us present ourselves as a community of faith believers in The Urantia Book to the larger Interfaith community at IC’17. We invite you, your societies and study groups to present a workshop or plenary speech, become a volunteer, hold space in the CommUnity Chapel, or play in the Urantia House Band. There are links provided below where you can apply for these great opportunities.

2. In preparing for our gathering in July 2017, setting our eyes on the prize of supreme value, the International Conference Committee desires a wider demographic to be represented. We propose serving together to bring our family together. We ask you to help us serve someone who might not otherwise be able to join us in fellowship. Here are three such paths of service:
The International Committee invites you, your societies, and your study groups, to collectively support at least five international travelers. Join The Grand Canyon Urantia Book Society in adding funds to the gift basket! This campaign is also expanded to local groups all over the world to hold a regional gathering simultaneous to the Denver IC’17 which we can stream live to draw each other near! The approximate cost of registration, travel expenses, visas, food, etc. is $2000 per attendee. The recipients will participate in a work-trade opportunity that will give our international friends an avenue of service.

Contact: Buck Weimer / weimer1@hotmail.com

The Family Life Committee is requesting that you, your societies, and your study groups, seek out families in your area that you sponsor to attend IC’17. Imagine being able to serve by offering an adventure in loving community! Certainly, this is a means of defining love as the desire to do good to others. Perhaps you already have a family in mind. All children under the age of 8 are being offered FREE registration and meals anyway so the local donations might help to pay their travel and other expenses.

Contact: Miranda Clendening / miranda8280@gmail.com

The Youth and Young Adult Committee challenges you, your societies, and your study groups to help a young person to attend a spiritual family reunion. You can sponsor a teen to participate in Truthseekers or help support a young adult to attend their first Urantia conference. Your loving gifts will affect the newly forming mentorship program to pass wisdom on to the younger generations.

Contact: Aprilhelen / artofyogastudioandgallery@gmail.com

3. Whether you are a member of The Urantia Book Fellowship, The Urantia Foundation, or the Urantia Association International, or function independently of these fine organizations, this call to action is simply that, a call to action! Let’s get to gathering! Someone may be calling you soon about this and will explain further, but for now, we hope to challenge and inspire you to help in this process. Bring it on!


DONATE NOW – Your program donations will help facilitate the use of technologies like live Internet streaming, sponsor and promote youth programs like Truthseekers. You scholarship donations will help to bring musicians and volunteers for meaningful service, as well as families, young people and international readers to this splendid Urantia gathering:

Check out the society meter stick to reveal how societies and study groups match up in this Community Challenge!

Submit a workshop proposal for IC’17 here:

Are you in need for financial assistance in coming to IC’17, or do you know someone who is?

Below are links to the Application for Financial Assistance to attend IC17:

Go! Comment! Share! Let’s Get to Gathering by Spreading Our Wings! Thank you!

Be looking for information on the YaYA IC’17 pre-retreat to be posted soon