(Regarding Clouds) Impressionism in Music and Painting
by Bro. Joshua Wilson • June 5, 2013


Claude Monet, Water Lilies (The Clouds)

Oil on canvas


Below is a recording of an original piano piece, composed in the impressionist style, for your enjoyment. It was inspired by a long, quiet boat trip with my companion on an Arizona river, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013.


Observing white clouds in a blue sky over and again puts me in a mood, thinking of the banner of Michael, in azure (defined as the color of a clear blue sky) and white (UB 43:5.4). It’s as if his emblem is everywhere to be seen . . . all we have to do is look up!


Good ideas on our world always have a starting point. While the Urantia Papers were being conveyed in the 1920s, the impressionist (symbolist) movements in music and art both took root simultaneously in France. Claude Monet was painting his lilies and Claude Debussy was composing his avant garde piano pieces and operas. The Revelation seems so right once you hear it, and the idea of painting and composing impressions of things heard, seen, and felt also seems so obvious once it’s experienced. When a new paradigm is revealed, the entire cultural landscape permanently changes. Now we are all the beneficiaries of those who went before.

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You’re invited to find a quiet place, kick back, and listen.

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Regardant des Nuages (Regarding Clouds) (15m:16s)
The piece was composed and recorded on a Petrof Grand Piano by Bro. Joshua Wilson.