Three different experiences from participants in your YaYA Committee’s recent conference in Las Vegas, NV.

antuemeAnteneh Tadesse (brand new reader)

Greetings My Bredren and Sistren in Love and search of a better way!

It was a pleasure to meet you all and more importantly it was amazing to have the opportunity to have a group of people come together for the same goal of seeking within. A midst this daily living and its distractions, it was pleasant to have a weekend to be observant of where my thoughts were and to learn of others and what their experiences are. I have and will continue to seek my father by seeking him within me every moment I can, until the day I am one with him. The time and space provided by our creator, I am humbled by, as the presence of him in us will give us the opportunity to look within when ever we choose to. Chose that every moment you are conscious of where your thoughts are and be mindful of the mindless chatters that will rob you of what we all know is grandeur.


taraTara Rose (rediscovering student)

It’s sometimes hard to describe the experience – the feelings, ideas and expressions – one has when they really begin to put their life in the Fathers hands, to trust in faith what even the mind is unsure of. I will try my best:

The YaYA Conference seems like a gift from heaven to me.  And simply put, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for the grant which paid for my plane tickets and the organization done by the YaYA leadership. Thank you to the Fellowship and the YaYA team for allowing God to work through you to give me this gift which has changed my life!

And thank you all for helping me realize the reason God wanted me there – through our conversations, in your honesty and ability to let the Spirit of Truth work as we gathered in sincere desire to do the Fathers will…I have never experienced anything like this and I am truly amazed, so thankful and it’s really beyond words.

What I can say is I am overjoyed and profoundly touched by my new friendships with so many deeply spiritual and unique personalities who have also stepped out with courage to be an instrument in God’s divine plan. I made friends for life, and that is so rare, to so immediately recognize kindred spirits, and so many at once.  Wow! My brothers and sisters, fellow UB readers, especially the “2nd generation” I didn’t know was here, I love you, I need you in my life and I know without a doubt that we will all be working together, even if miles apart and only in spirit, toward sharing the Divine Love with the world, one smile at a time, one inspired service at a time.

And that was the gift that was given to me by God through these beautiful souls at the YaYA conference. I cry tears of joy at the thought of it.  I look forward to meeting so many more of you . Sincerely in love, Tara



Marvin Gawryn (long time student)

What a unique and special sharing we were gifted with at this Las Vegas YaYA gathering of close to 30 young readers. I was SO impressed with the dedication, intelligence and spiritual grace of each and every one of the participants.  We are so fortunate to have an emerging group of capable young leaders who are well equipped to share the revelation with their peers, doing it in their own way, reaching out via new media and warmly embracing newcomers from every background.  I hope we realize what a gift they are, that they must work in their own unique ways, and continue to support their emerging service to the Urantia revelation.


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