richard_thumbBy Richard Omura

What with all the spiritual information in The Urantia Book, an important message from the revelators that is easy to forget is that we are not alone and that the universe is friendly. Copernicus and Galileo demonstrated that the Earth is not the center of the universe but we still act like we are.

Most of the spiritual messages in The UB are not new to the book. They can be found elsewhere, some of them may be in obscure places but they have been around. So what is the new revelation? What is the one important message about us and the universe that The UB has for us that is hardly found in other religious books or revelations?

How about: We are not alone and the universe is friendly. It is a fact that we are not alone, that there is a family of creatures under one Creator. And they are friendly, meaning there is an inner spiritual reality that makes for loving relationships between us – those on the planet, and those who are off it. As our scientific advances in astronomy and space exploration opens us up to the universe, it is important that we view the outside universe in a friendly light, rather than in the fear based view of the bug-eyed monsters in film and TV. Extra-terrestrial beings, whether material, morontial or spiritual, are not alien, they are God’s creatures like us.

Many UB readers give this information little attention and want to focus more on spiritual concepts that have been handed down to us over the centuries by the traditional faiths and clarified by The UB. It is not only that the thought of beings from “out there” are frightening to many, it is also that they don’t want to be categorized with the UFOlogists and alien aficionados. Who wants to be labeled as a crackpot?

This is quite understandable but we should not bury our heads in the sand and wallow in task avoidance. This information from the revelators is crucial to planetary consciousness and should not be ignored. It should be spread. Explorations of inner reality should be balanced by explorations of outer reality, and acknowledging that there is a huge universe out there with a family of creatures is part of establishing our cosmic consciousness.

We are like an insular tribe on a small isolated island that just got word that there is a whole new world out there; with nations, cities, people, cultures and technology beyond our imaginings, and yet try to ignore that information, going about our usual mundane worldly tasks heedless of the workings of the rest of the world.

But how can we connect, you ask? The rest of the universe appears detached from us. They are not talking to us. We are under quarantine. How can we acknowledge something from which we are cut off?

Why the quarantine? Basically, the evil that came with the Lucifer Rebellion was so insidious, and I would hazard, contagious, so that the universe government could not allow the possibility of it spreading to other systems.

After thinking about this for many years, I began to realize that I live in the midst of this insidious evil. It is so much a part of our lives that we don’t even recognize it for what it is. But we see it everyday, each one of us carries a bit of it, and we see it reflected in the news all the time. This is what separates us from the universe.

What is this evil? I had originally thought that the evil was the idea that there is no God, per Lucifer. Upon further thinking and meditating, I realized that it goes beyond that. The idea that God does not exist is not new nor original; almost everyone must have had that idea at one time or another. I don’t believe that suppressing that idea is the purpose of the quarantine. God gives us the freedom to believe what we want. To not believe in God is a free will choice, which even the Creator himself will not deny us. Then what?

I realized that it must be something that we all have, something that we act on everyday without fully realizing that we are doing so. Something that is truly detrimental to our everyday lives and to the universe.

So what did I find in myself and others around me that disrupts life on Earth consistently, and has resulted in the planet and system  being disenfranchised from the cosmos?

I believe it is the idea that the individual is more important than the whole. Basically, it is being selfish. We see it everywhere and we can see it within ourselves. Being self centered is to do things for our own gratification at the expense of the larger community. It is acting like we are at the center of the universe, everyone and everything existing just for us, like a spoiled child.

The other day, as I was going about my day, I tried to be aware of my own selfishness. I was appalled by myself. Not that I went around being a jerk. You wouldn’t even notice it in my outward behavior, but I was going through a rough day and inside myself I was very impatient and griping about everything. And I realized that almost every time I am complaining about something (internally or externally) I am being selfish – thinking only of myself.

In an organism, and the Big Blue Book says the universe is such a living organism, each cell must act for the health and welfare of the bigger organism, otherwise disease and death can result. In biology, when the cell goes against the wishes of the whole, and starts to act independently of the organism, we call it cancer. And that is the result of the Lucifer Rebellion, as it has manifested on the planet, from the micro to the macro – from the cancerous cells that takes human lives to pathological dictators that destroy nations to soulless corporations that exploit the Earth. If this trend is not stopped, the whole planet and system could end up as a cancerous cell in the living organism of the universe. Preventing such a catastrophe is the purpose of the quarantine.

One can believe in God and yet still be selfish. One can be an atheist and still be doing good to others. So the idea that there is no God is not necessarily the cause of our selfishness.

The reason for the selfishness of people on Earth has to do with the fact that we are cut off from the universe. We feel separated. Not whole. And not being able to see the whole, we act for the part, for ourselves.

If Adam and Eve had  not defaulted we would have them here, right now, as head of our world government. We would be connected with the rest of the universe, as we would know that the heads of our world came from out there. We would be educated in school about the universe and what part we play in the whole. Cosmic consciousness and spiritual perception would be part of the curriculum. Having this knowledge, we would know that we are a part of the bigger organism and act accordingly in the best interest of the whole, even giving up our lives if necessary for the good of the universe, which Joshua so excruciatingly demonstrated.

As Urantia Book readers, we have been handed this knowledge, this information that we are part of a larger organism, a larger universal community. But it is useless unless we act on it.

The quarantine will be rescinded when Urantia no longer poses a threat to the health of the universe; when there is no chance that this planet will become a malignant cancerous cell.

How will that happen?

It must start from each one of us. We have free will to connect with the love intelligence of the universe organism. We can realize our wholeness because we all have a spark of the divine within us. We have a Thought Adjuster, we can connect to the First Source and Center through worshipful meditation, service and prayer. And by achieving self-mastery and spiritual adulthood, we can form a core of God conscious individuals who are whole. Such people would help in making the world whole so that we would not require being quarantined from the universe.

It will take time because it starts from the individual. The individual person must first become whole in order for the planet to become whole. Not being whole means you do not know your own part in the bigger picture, you are conflicted within: your body, mind and spirit are not in harmony. There is a schism between the flesh and the spirit: “The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak.” Self-mastery is the key to becoming whole.

For right now the quarantine cannot be lifted. Take a good look around at the world. Would you unleash this selfish bunch on the universe? Probably not a good idea.

The universe is friendly, but this sector of the universe is not. It’s not just Urantia, it’s the entire system of Satania that is under the quarantine. The people of the world have no idea of what is going on with the rest of the universe; they feel cut off and on their own, in survival mode in what they perceive as a dog eat dog universe. We, the few who have been given information on achieving cosmic consciousness and spiritual perception must push on, keeping the light of the Invisible Father burning; letting people know that among all the turmoil on the planet we are not alone and that the universe is indeed friendly because there is a loving God that is taking care of us. When there are enough of us who have achieved this awareness and are One and Whole with ourselves, the world, and with the universe, there will be a tipping point; a sea change will occur. But it does start from ourselves.