tevMy name is Teuvo Orjala and I am an evangelist among other things. As an evangelist for the Urantia Book’s Teachings and an active member of the Fellowship, I’m very present to the fact that the next generation of Urantia Book readers sincerely believes in the future of the Fellowship. However, the path is often unclear.

As the demographic that represents the future of the organization, I (and we) experience lacking awareness of our community involvement, our projects, and our vision for the future. We brave the potentially discouraging reality of waning participation in the community of a reader base jaded by a history of infighting and line-drawing. We feel and see the regressive tendency to cling to the ways of the past.

I’ve been trying to understand why this is. How can we move forward quickly and effectively?  How can we see progress that is at pace with the rapidly changing world? How do we reach the next level of collaboration to bring the organizations and individuals who comprise it back together? Should we not be the first to create a true brotherhood of men? Is this not possible?

Then it dawned on me, a vision of what we need to do!  As stewards of this Revelation, students of its teachings, or members of the Fellowship, we need to create NEW, clear goals for the future.  We need to unite around these goals as a community.

Part of this process will involve getting the community back invested in the community. What can we offer them?

First and foremost is that we strive to offer support. The Fellowship now has a youth committee willing to interact with committees, groups, anyone, to engage in discussions of progress.  (If you don’t believe me just shoot us an email and see where it goes!).   We also have expanded the Fellowship’s outreach efforts.   Another fantastic benefit is that there is now $5000 a year available for grants to societies.

Some of you might say “no organization matters in the spiritual progress of the planet” or “the teachings spread one way or the other”. These are fair assertions but let me tell you, as someone who has spent the last two years of my life living out these teachings to the best of my ability, organizations matter!  Without the support of the Fellowship I (and we) would not have been able to accomplish half of what we did.  Hundreds of people would not have been introduced to the book, we would not be in contact with dozens of young people who at this very moment are working and planning for the future of this community,  there would not be an “Introduction to The Urantia Book” video, and more.

To move the Fellowship into the 21st century there must be efficient and wise change. This might seem to some like the next generation is moving too fast or being forceful but we would argue that it is simply the times we find ourselves living in. We have always had computers. We have always had cell phones. We communicate and coordinate in unprecedented ways and speeds which are changing and shaping the world everyday. This is not a better way to do it, it just simply is our way.  For example, imagine living in Alaska and keeping your winter parka on as the seasons change. At what point do we realize the weather is changing and it’s time to take off those constricting layers?

There are no limits anymore. We have the network. We have the resources. We have the Revelation. And we have each other.

There has never been a better time since Jesus visited us to foster and celebrate the spiritual unity that unites us as a human family.

Many will continue to commit their entire life to devoutly serving our Father,  to courageously embodying the teachings of the Urantia Book, and to BEING positive missionary evangelists of the religion of the spirit . The health of our community, its ability to adapt to changing times, and clear and unifying goals will determine how effectively we utilize these efforts for the realization of the kingdom of God on Urantia.

In the past, truth has grown rapidly and expanded freely when the cult has been elastic, the symbolism expansile. Abundant truth and an adjustable cult have favored rapidity of social progression.” 87:7.5

“Regardless of the drawbacks and handicaps, every new revelation of truth has given rise to a new cult, and even the restatement of the religion of Jesus must develop a new and appropriate symbolism. Modern man must find some adequate symbolism for his new and expanding ideas, ideals, and loyalties. This enhanced symbol must arise out of religious living, spiritual experience. And this higher symbolism of a higher civilization must be predicated on the concept of the Fatherhood of God and be pregnant with the mighty ideal of the brotherhood of man.” P966:1, 87:7.6