Preston Thomas

Preston Thomas holds a BA and MA degree in philosophy from the University of Virginia. After college he worked for 10 years as a private tutor for children with learning disabilities. In 1981 he founded the Einstein School which provided one to one instruction for students with special learning needs.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus is the result of a 14 year effort to produce a book that could be given as a graduation gift and would provide the students with a trustworthy guide for living. Preston has two grown sons, and lives in central Virginia with his wife Kathy.





      On page 1114 The Urantia Book declares that, “living faith is God knowing and man serving.” In this short statement the revelators make clear that our service to others is an essential aspect of living faith. In fact we may easily conclude from this statement that if we are not engaged in such service to others, we are thereby lacking in living faith.

And who has not felt, from time to time, this call to service? this urge to serve our world, and immerse ourselves in the work to which we feel called?  So much of what we do in life is meaningless and without real import. But we know that the devoted service of God’s children here on earth is important. And when we are engaged in such service our lives gain new meaning and take on new value. We are no longer wasting the time and talents God has given us but are using them in a way that pleases Him.

But even though we realize that the unselfish service of others is good and right, and even though we may feel the urge to engage in such service, how can we know what form our service should take? How are we to find and decide upon our own ideal and best form of service? Read More ……