YAYA training and development overview, vision and plan

Step one

  Develop a vision and mission statement specific to this undertaking.



• The world on fire with youthful passion for the truth.

• The Revelation alive around the world.

• Holy Smokes! The world (is) on fire with Truth and Love!

•  A Spirit-filled generation bringing truth and light to every soul.

• Pouring the fifth on a thirsty generation/world.


• To move forth across the planet bringing the good news of the revelation.
• To awaken the light of truth in every hungry soul we can manage to meet.


• To organize ever expanding and improving training programs that turn service motivated youths and young adults into skilled and dedicated ambassadors of the spiritual kingdom on earth.

• Our messengers will become known as the force that turned the tide on our planet.

• To inspire our graduates into lifelong service.

• To grow into a/the premier spiritual training platform in the world.

• To become self-supporting in 5 years.


Phase ONE – Getting the basics


1-   Generate a name for the program 2-   Put out information to attract potential participants 3-   Assess their interest level, skill sets, UB knowledge and other assets or weaknesses. 4-   Have participants attend an event where they will be put in groups that have similar interests and needs. 5-   Participants will complete the (spiritual) basic training and be expected to create a service plan for the next year. 6-   As participants progress, those with leader potential will be recruited to take on responsibilities related to the program. Phase TWO – Widening the scope of training



1-   The most capable graduates will be instructed in being leaders for the new service tracks that are being added to the program. New tracks will come about from the activities and opportunities arising from the previous track of activity.

2-   New and returning participants are assisted in finding the right track for them based on aptitude, skill sets, interests, knowledge, location, and other factors.

3-   Like before, as participants pass through the program, leaders are identified and move into positions of more responsibility.


The program is made up of goals, training, tasks, assignments, accountability & assessments, and forward movement. All participants will be provided an inspired and uplifting experiential education leaving them moved to make a huge difference for those they meet as well as the world in general. Those with special talents and abilities will be given additional training opportunities. The curriculum of the programs will be a mixture of deepening one’s understanding of the UB and other religions, experiential hands on training in the field, and specialized training opportunities.


Possible tracks include:

1-   Traveling speaker  – presenting talks on topics of current interest in the world. Possible venues could be colleges, religious institutions and seminaries, social and environmental group meetings, and so forth.

2-   Roving emissary – traveling to where the action is and a difference can be made.

3-   Musican/presenter – Use musical and stage talents to present uplifting performances at churches, universities, street fairs and the like.

4-   Artist – Make compelling images, slogans, clothing and other materials to help shape the thinking of those it reaches.

5-   Media arts – One who develops skills to reach the world with compelling electronic outreach from film, blogging, social networking, web sites and other media that will come into existence in the future.

6-   Evangelist – reaching out to gift the spirit to those in need and those with ears to hear the good news. This role can be expressed in as many ways as there are people to express it.

7-   Administrators – Those that have talents to work to make it possible for other to be supported in reaching their highest potential

8-   Trainers & Educators – Some are skilled in gifting others with a new vision of what is possible.

9-   Support workers – They do all that is needed so the big team can win the game they have set out to play. It might be mundane work like stuffing envelopes or fun stuff like being the roadie for a travelling show.


These are some initial thoughts to get this process started. Feel free to make suggestions and additions.