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After spending 20 days on the road with “The Cosmic Road Show” group, traveling band of UB evangelists, I can tell you that there are A lot of people out there hungry for the truth. And we have it in the Urantia Book!

How many of you are thrilled you found the book? I know I am! It has changed my life and given it meaning that I cherish. Do people come up to me and say, “Oh wow, what do you read?” No, they don’t. And even though we may live a perfect life, most people do not ask others that question. So as far as “living the teachings,” I think that is all well and good but if we are relying on that to spread this gospel we are going to be waiting a long time. Did Jesus tell his apostles, “Just live a good life and others will come to you and ask what you are doing”? No, he sent them out two-by-two to preach the gospel!

We have the new gospel, friends! Let’s not hide it under a bushel!

Aurora Hill, longtime host of the Cosmic Cafe in Idaho, has a friend there she’s known for a few years. Recently this friend found out about the Urantia book at one of Aurora’s Cosmic Cafe sessions. She was angry that she had not heard about the book before! There are friends, co-workers, and others who would be disappointed that we had not told them about this brilliant book. I too am guilty of not telling a lot of people about it.

Think about how you found the book. Did someone put themselves out there just a bit for you to find it? Most people found it through a friend, or it ‘jumped’ off the bookshelf (someone had to put it on the bookshelf), or it was sitting on the coffee table, or they found a flyer about the book. Whatever the case, someone put it somewhere that it could be found. Someone went the extra mile to make the book available.

On our tour, we placed Urantia Book cards with info and a link to in all the Bibles we came across if we stayed in a hotel. Think about how someone may be reading the Bible and thinking, “Gee, I wish this was easier to understand, more satisfying, more complete,” and then all of a sudden the card falls into their lap!

When we went to a rest stop we placed the tri-fold info on the Urantia Book in the slots where they display the maps. Imagine someone in a few years attending a conference and saying, “Yeah, I went into this rest stop in PoDunk and there was this flyer about the Urantia Book. I am so grateful that someone left that there for me to find! I’d been praying for the Truth!”

In Yellow Springs, Ohio, with the first study group and their first meeting!

We put flyers and cards on bulletin boards, placed books in libraries and coffee shops where they have books for people to read. We kept the book on the table while we were eating and people would ask about it. We always had books and flyers with us. The stories we have are amazing! Everyday we came back as a group, after being out two-by-two and told our stories about how a hungry soul was led to the book by our ministry.

So my suggestion is, remember how you found the book and think about how you might make it more accessible in your community. Put cards and flyers out there–fellow traveler Thomas Orjala and I can make all the cards and flyers available to you. Make sure your library and bookstores have them available. Host a Cosmic Cafe where the discussion of the book is welcome. Buy a case of books and give them out–they are not expensive. Put an ad in Craigslist talking about the book. Run an article in your local health magazine (click here for a rough draft of my article in the Temecula CA “Healthy Times Magazine” which has a circulation of about 100,000).

I also was fortunate enough to give the Sunday sermon to my Unity church group. I titled my talk “Tools that lead us to God”. I discussed how there are many tools like special books, music, nature, friendship and many other things that can help us establish that personal connection. I also gave them a brief overview of the evolution of religion on this planet. That sort of set the tone for–see how far we’ve come as a planet–God continually wants to reveal himself to us in a variety of ways–there are lots of tools that lead to God–and here is one of them–it’s called the Urantia Book.

I went on to give them a fairly detailed outline of the book and the questions it can answer. I didn’t answer the questions, only let them know they are answered in the book–oh, and by the way, we have a spark of God within us which is the icing on the cake for connecting with God–why don’t we all try it now. And I proceeded to lead them on a nice guided meditation at the end of my talk. After all, using any book as a springboard to develop a personal relationship with him is the whole point.

During the guided meditation I talked out loud just like I talk to my Adjuster. I always start by exclaiming how amazed I am that God has provided a way for me to talk/commune with him anytime, anywhere. It’s mind boggling! I didn’t want to put the emphasis on the book but on just getting to know God. I admonished them to spend some time every day with God. (What’s a good sermon without some type of admonishment? Haha!)

I had four books for sale and they were gone within minutes after the service ended; three others now want a book and we are now having a study group at the church every Thursday evening! Woo hoo! My new group consists of four to eight readers all over the age of seventy!–all sincere truthseekers who are so thankful to find this dear revelation.

As we traveled along the East Coast, Ohio, Michigan and New York, we brought many new readers into existing groups and even started a new group. There are Road Show Groups forming now and preparing for the trip into Salt Lake City next year. Ask me or Thomas Orjala if you are interested in joining. It’s a lot of fun!

So, I say let’s be the hands and feet of God down here. He needs our help to get this revelation out to the world. A new day is dawning and we are the ones that can make this happen. The celestial helpers are counting on us to get out there and make the book available.

Below: See Andrea on Strange Universe (1997), together with Richard Omura, Norman Ingram, Don Roark, and Don Morton, at Venice Beach, California.