La Society Summer Meeting, June 9th

The LA society being one of the oldest but not the oldest, is holding it’s summer quarterly meeting on June 9th. With so much going on inside our community they have picked the topic “Let’s Discuss Outreach”. We are very excited about this because as you may know the youth want action! We desire to share the good news and we need help with funding and finding ways to do this.

This last weekend we were at Venice Beach with Norm Ingram who has been setting up a booth there for almost 30 years! He is the happiest old guy I know. And why you ask?! Because he is doing the work. He is sharing the teachings with people consistently. And when you do this that often and have so many successes it changes your life. Nothing else feels like introducing someone to God. Nothing. And at the end of the day that’s is what we are trying to do. We go out and share with people about the UB not to get them to buy a book or join the Fellowship, though we hope they do, but to help them find and understand God through the teachings.

This summer is going to be very active with outreach projects and activities. The YaYA committee of the Fellowship is going to be in Los Angele’s, Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, Seattle, Oregon, Idaho, Chicago, New Mexico, New York and many other locations doing outreach and holding and helping with events.

We hope that this society meeting can be the beginning of a relationship between the generations that will some day act as a model for how we work as a community. We must empower the youth and this events is a sign that LA desires to do that.

Saturday, June 9, 2012 @ 6pm Whittier Art Gallery 8035 S. Painter Avenue Whittier, CA 90602

“There is no adventure in the course of mortal existence more enthralling than to enjoy the exhilaration of becoming the material life partner with spiritual energy and divine truth in one of their triumphant struggles with error and evil. It is a marvelous and transforming experience to become the living channel of spiritual light to the mortal who sits in spiritual darkness. If you are more blessed with truth than is this man, his need should challenge you. Surely you are not the coward who could stand by on the seashore and watch a fellow man who could not swim perish! How much more of value is this man’s soul floundering in darkness compared to his body drowning in water!” -Source


Dear Members and Friends of UBLA, For most of us in the Urantia community learning and following the teachings of The Urantia Book defines and fulfills our daily lives. At the same time, many of us are expanding on our Urantia guidelines and developing interesting and innovative outreach efforts in order to share this gift with others. On June 9th at the Whittier Art Gallery and under the banner of “Let’s Discuss Outreach”, UBLA’s Summer Quarterly will present a panel of some our very own local Urantia family who will share interesting and varied stories and experiences of “spreading the word” to others.

The panel will include Norman Ingram, Larry & Donna Whelan, Richard Omura, Mark Erickson, Andrea Barnes, Robert Burns, and Kailas Orjala. We hope to kindle some interest, spark a lively discussion, entertain some questions, get lots of input, and maybe motivate a few of us to join the effort. Art Museum Whittier Art Gallery “Let’s Discuss Outreach” UBLA’s Summer Quarterly

Saturday, June 9, 2012 @ 6pm Whittier Art Gallery 8035 S. Painter Avenue Whittier, CA 90602

Please bring either a main dish, a side dish, an appetizer, a salad, or a dessert that will serve 4-6. And/or a suggested donation of $10.

Mark Erickson