Beloved sons and daughters of God,

In my first meeting with Teuvo, I began by asking him for help in learning to love. He answered, “Serve.” It was the perfect answer. Toward the end of our conversation, he invited me to contribute to this blog.

This semester I teach a class in the philosophy of living. This Sunday I launch a parallel inquiry in the study group that Mahtab and I co-lead. The focus for both the class and the study group is truth-coordinated living: integrating science and religion in a beautiful wholeness of righteousness that will attract inquiry from others (155:1). The plan is to cultivate the soil for a harvest to be presented at IC14. The method is experiential and project-centered.

If you want to follow the podcasts of the class or participate otherwise in this truth-coordinated living project, please write me for information at In my post next week, I’ll explain the tag, “Growing up with Jesus.”

My love has been heightened by interacting with the YaYA group in Kansas and Yosemite; a fire hydrant opened in the summer heat: water gushes forth.