taraI’m delighted for the opportunity to speak on spiritual unity.  I’m a second generation reader but have only recently discovered this Fellowship of Urantia Book believers.  I write this for two purposes:  one, I simply want you to know me; I want to share my feelings and beliefs within a community that is important to me; and two, the concepts of Unity, acceptance and unconditional Love are so dear to me because life has forced me to accept people and situations which don’t seem humanly possible.  My ego wants to resent, fear and condemn.  But with Jesus by my side I am able to Love these people and graciously accept these situations without fear and it is incredible to experience!  I went down a painful path for many years, but that darkness was a Gift because God allowed me to learn lessons of eternal value; it deepened my Faith beyond description and I realized there is no need to fear any path – God is always there.

The path that led me astray was full of mountains and valleys.  During this time I was blessed to become a mother and embraced my role as a homemaker.  But I had given up my own power – I put my life in the hands of man instead of God.  My family worried about me and there were many difficult moments.  But, once I began to pray again God came in to my life in the most magnificent way.  It was a tumultuous and confusing struggle to leave the situation, but now here I am!  God has brought me here to share my lessons and to say that though I “went astray” so to speak, this was the GREATEST GIFT I CAN IMAGINE!   I know God in a deeper way than ever before; my faith is eternal, it’s palpable!  And I have experienced Forgiveness from the Father and my family and friends for my great mistakes, which is an indescribable gift.  The Urantia book says: “…you may rest secure in the eternal assurance that such tribulations are transient afflictions…all things work together for good to all beings who know God, love to do his will, and are ascending Paradiseward according to his eternal plan and divine purpose.”  This applies even to the Lucifer rebellion!  I’m so thankful for that…

I feel compelled to let go of all fear and judgement in my heart about any other belief system, and urge you to join me in releasing every drop of fear we hold in our hearts and embrace the glorious peace which that kind of Faith inspires.  The Love we will feel for all other people will be immense – and this our goal.  This is Unity.

We all make grand claims about what is true.  And daily we ALL fall short of our own ideals in some way, and give glory to God in other ways.  I can never judge another person, for the beams in my own eyes…And I certainly can’t claim the UB sounds any less grandiose than the claims in the Book of Mormon, the Quran, the Bible – the list goes on.  My personal belief is that the Spirit of Truth tries to find its way in to EVERY book, and it is the INDIVIDUAL’S experience with the Spirit of Truth in their own lives which is important.  The UB says, “The great and immediate service of true religion is the establishment of an enduring unity in human experience, a lasting peace and a profound assurance.”

I believe we must have Faith that transcends even our own beliefs.  By this, I mean that even though we believe the UB is true and would improve the lives of every individual, we must have the courage to let go of those expectations and accept with Faith that it’s not imperative that anyone read the UB.  Beliefs are of the mind, Faith is of the Spirit.  We know there is a Living Spirit of Truth!   Jesus said that God will find us where we are.   The Urantia book speaks to my heart and applies to my life.  I am in awe and overwhelmed with gratitude when I read it.  It feels true to me!  For others that will never be the case, but that in no way prevents them from knowing God. And in spirit feelings can we find common ground.  The UB says, “Never can religions of authority come together in unification…the hope of human brotherhood can only be realized…by the unification and ennobling religion of the spirit – the religion of personal spiritual experience….it is not so important that you should know about the fact of God as that you should increasingly grow in ability to feel the presence of God.”  That is Unity.

Should the details of a belief system be important to someone outside that group?  I don’t believe so.  So many of my loved ones are amazing, spiritual people but they would never agree with the UB.  Honestly, does it matter if someone else believes that Lanonandeks are out there assisting in the universe?  It may console our spirits and enlighten our minds, but it does nothing to further our connection to God.  It all sounds pretty wacky to an outsider!  And we must have the courage to accept that and let it go.

I’m reminded of how the apostles would go on to squabble about who would be greatest in the new coming kingdom.  How could they with Jesus right there?!  Then I cringe when I imagine the description of ourselves as seen from above: these mortals were given a Revelation of a Living Truth, that an actual fragment of God was in them, and yet, as their brethren before them, they did not fully grasp the insights given to them and went on to squabble amongst themselves as to who was “right” and attempted to crystalize the truth and limit it to the pages of a book.  With all the divinely inspired books in the world the debate about “trueness” is futile.  All that matters is what is inspired in the hearts and minds of those following any given set of beliefs.  It would be beautiful if we could revel in that, and smile more.  Be of good cheer, as the Master would say.

The Urantia community must bear the Fruits we wish to see in others; we must be an example of acceptance and unconditional Love;   We must embrace and appreciate, as well as transcend, our differences.  We can’t live in Fear! Jesus said to his apostles: “And for a long time there will live on earth those timid, fearful, and hesitant individuals who will prefer thus to secure their religious consolations, even though, in casting their lot with religious authority, they compromise the sovereignty of personality, debase the dignity of self-respect, and utterly surrender the right to participate in that most thrilling and inspiring of all possible human experiences: the personal quest for truth, the exhilaration of facing the perils of intellectual discovery, the determination to explore the realities of personal religious experience, the supreme satisfaction of experiencing the personal triumph of the actual realization of the victory of spiritual faith over intellectual doubt as it is honestly won in the supreme adventure of all human existence – man seeking God, for himself and as himself, and finding him.” [emphasis added!]

What a glorious gift!  What a relief!  We do not have to agree!  We do not need to intellectually understand!  Only to meet in spiritual Unity in our own personal experience with God…the Divine is in us all and that is the way, the truth and the light…Thank you for letting me share what is on my heart and mind.  I hope one day to meet all of you and find Unity in God’s Love together.

“The religion of the spirit leaves you forever free to follow the truth wherever the leadings of the spirit may take you.” – Jesus, The Urantia Book, (155:6.5)

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