There is no way to train someone how to effectively share their personal religion. It only comes, in my opinion, from a wholehearted faith in those beliefs which you hold as eternal realities. When you are trying to share with someone about the UB or about Revelation you are being tested. They are watching your every move and slightest sign of reservation. If they are a conventional Christian it can only take a single word or a slight look to lose them. You must have conviction matched with a genuine passion for that which you are proclaiming. Its a fine art that takes practice to become good at.

So this was day 5 of our tour. Starting the trip with my introduction to Melvin was a blessing and a reminder of what is possible if we do the Fathers will fearlessly. But I can not deny that I was anxious about having another introduction as amazing as that.

Yesterday I went out in Kansas City’s College District and put up flyers and stickers and placed materials in book stores and coffee shops. As well I introduced six people to the UB but none of them on the same level as Melvin. Just casual introductions for the most part. So today I was nervous that I would again not find any Truthseekers. But again why do I doubt.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 1.24.39 PMAllison had a lunch meeting with a young man at a Starbucks downtown. While she was doing that I got my gear and walked the streets. This district was full of shopping and very nice hotels and restaurants. As I walked down the street I noticed a girl come out from one of the stores and put down a yoga mate on the sidewalk. I kept walking but turned to see if she was actually going to do yoga, and in fact she was. The store was centered around yoga gear and it was their way of attracting people to come in.

I turned around and came back. I watched her for a moment and then she asked me if I did yoga. I told her I did Bikram and she asked where. Telling her San Diego lead into talking about why I was in Kansas City. As I shared with her about the UB I could start to notice the spirit of truth waking up in her. After really pouring out my heart felt introduction to the Revelation she asked if I had a book she could see. (INTRO 12) As I was about to pull it out she said that she was about to go on break and how about we meet and I can show her the UB on her lunch. So we meet thirty minutes later and talked about the Revelation.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 1.24.53 PMHer name was Alyssa. She belongs to a none denominational church and had recently gone on a year long mission to Africa, Asia, and South America. She asked great questions about what the book said and as I talked to her about Caligastia and why we lived on a faith based planet I could again feel the spirit of truth lighting up in her.

I had brought with me one of the Foundations books just in case this happened and how thankful I was that I did. As we walked back to her store I offered to give her the book as I could see she was a seeker of truth. She graciously accepted. If I did not practice yoga and have a commitment to keep my own mind, body, and spirit strong I may have never have had this introduction. I’m more and more realizing that everything matters when it comes to how we spend our time. These are all key factors to how well prepared we are to do the Fathers will.