Welcome to Berlin! This intimate and inexpensive Urantia book conference will be centered around the theme “Living Faith”. We hope to see you there! Many Urantia book enthusiasts from various parts of Europe have expressed that they feel the time is ripe to begin a tradition of Europe conferences. In November, a team was formed to put together an uplifting event this summer in Berlin. The team includes individuals who benefit from experience organizing Urantia gatherings and conferences. Some of us are also active with the chief Urantia organizations, which are supportive of this effort. This to be an intimate conference of around thirty to forty attendants who are of all generations from all over Europe, and beyond (for instance, a handful of Americans will be attending).

We chose Berlin because it is relatively inexpensive and quite centrally located in Europe. Berlin is also a city that many people love to visit since it is such a vibrant center of art and culture. We hope that many visitors will stay several days before or after the conference – stay and explore the Berlin with us! Language Although language barriers were somewhat of a hindrance in earlier times, more and more Europeans, particularly younger generations, now speak English. English will be the primary language of this conference. When the whole group is together English will be the language used, but if enough German or for example Spanish speakers attend we will also arrange for discussion groups in those languages.

Room and Board The registration fee which includes lodging, breakfast and the conference room is 115 Euros for a double room and 165 for a single at Cityhostel Berlin. See the venue page or the following link for more info. www.cityhostel-berlin.com/gb/ Participants will pay individually for their lunches and dinners during the conference.

We’ve prioritized keeping the conference inexpensive to help make it possible for lots of people to come including young people and readers from economically depressed countries, and so forth). Scholarships At the registration page, one can also donate money toward helping to provide a scholarship to a reader that would otherwise not be able to afford to attend. A little support in this department can go a long way, and anything helps!

The Youth and Young Adult (YaYA) Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship has pledged five hundred dollars toward assisting young readers in need of scholarship help. The YaYA committee is a new team that has recently become highly active in sponsoring events and supporting various forms of efforts to foster and support younger generations of UB readers. www.urantianow.com

Please let us know if you are a young reader in need of a scholarshp. We hope you can join us in July for this inspiring event! Esa Irri, Mike MacIsaac, Clemens Trauzettel, and the others who have helped and/or will help make this an awesome conference.[/learn_more]

 Get all the details and Register Here – www.urantiaeurope.org