This is a topic that confronts us daily! Eating ,that is. To eat with the outcome of spiritual might takes consciousness. Are you aware of the impact of the food you consume daily? Most of us are not. This is a subject dear to my heart. Food is energy. It can motivate us to spiritual awareness or, just as easily, drop us into despair. Lately there has been research on the gut as the second brain. Emotions actually are created in the gut. What kind of shape is your gut in? Do you load it with processed, devitalized food? Or, do you choose foods that nourish and honor the magnificent body God gave you? What is your attitude when you prepare your meal? When you consume it? These are questions worth asking yourself.

For me, eating as close to nature as possible is part of my spiritual practice. Regular cleansing is another part. I view food as medicine, and because of that I try to eat the foods I know are the best for my body. For instance, I feel a stronger connection to Spirit when sugar is minimal in my diet. Wheat is something that most people are more sensitive to than they know. When our bodies have to deal with foods that irritate or or cause inflammation we create dis-ease. As spiritual warriors it would behoove us to give ourselves the best possible chance for radiant health!

Cassandra started her journey into holistic health in 1977 at a healing gathering in Kettle Falls, Wa. In a healing crisis herself she was treated by a man who used tinctures, herbs and iridology. It was the beginning of a passion that has spanned almost 3 decades. For 3 years she left a job as a hairdresser in Seattle, Wa to attend these gatherings and gather information @ diet, cleansing, and natural or alternative health… find out more at

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