Thursday was a culmination of many months of planning and even getting rained out on our first attempt. In fact, when we arrived at Grossmont College this Thursday morning it rained on us while we set up the canopy. I know, in San Diego! So anyways the day started out with busy people passing us by, most on their headphones trying very hard not to look at us in case we might ask them if they have Jesus Christ in their lives. We held true though and in no time had an amazing young man named Elliot give us our kickoff with some amazing questions and genuine interest. After that it was full on!

Each conversation of the day held a unique, sincere flavor and required a spontaneous level of attention. From those who were not sure about God’s existence to a brilliant Christian who taught me a ton about the Bible, we were beyond fulfilled by the number of conversations we had and the level of interest we discovered. I mean I always knew there were people out there who would be interested in the UB, but today just seemed to exceed those expectations. I told Brianna at the beginning, when we were watching people walk right by, that if we only had one good introduction all day I would be super happy. What transpired left us both feeling superb and ready for more.

So I would like to take this chance to say how important it is that we give college outreach all we have! Right down to the last penny and minute we’ve got. That we get signed up at every college we can and send every willing reader to share the good news in a friendly, academic environment. I vote 100% that this is our best use of resources for getting the teachings of the UB out. I’m so excited and plugged into spirit that I was dancing in the shower after I got home. Yep!

Funny thing is, it was as simple as just being out there in the world trying to have a conversation about truth. The key is do just as Jesus says and take nothing away from the brother or sister you are talking with and it almost always ends with love and respect. If they have different beliefs that you don’t agree with, practice really listening to their experience. What you find is we all are on the same journey of trying to figure out this thing called “life”!

If you have a school in your area that you would like us to visit, please contact us HERE. If you can afford to contribute to this outreach project please contact the Outreach Committee or Tom Choquette. We will also be working with the RUN PROJECT this Fall to make many more of these outreach opportunities possible.

Thank you,

The YaYA Committee

 We would like to thank the Outreach Committee for its contribution of most of the needed materials and the free book cards!