It feels like a mile stone when a celebrity and world renowned musician like Carlos Santana post on Facebook his that he reads the Urantia Book. Though my father has personally given India Arie a book, oh and Bruce Colbern, it’s different when they voluntarily tell the world they are students of the teachings. Musicians have the power to cause thousands or millions of people to find the UB over night. The post itself has over a 190 responses and 430+ shares. That is the power of the internet. In years to come it will be 5,000 or 50,000. If Oprah discovered the UB and decided to share it the entire world could learn of Jesus’ expanded teachings in less then a month. Half the world would know in 24 hours. So when we get even one Facebook post from a brother as awesome as Carlos Santana we should sing and party for what we know is as sign of what is to come.

Please take the time to go check his Facebook out and read about many great things that Carlos is doing. Besides still being a performer he is highly involved in community actions and programs. He also has restaurants all over the country.

So if you get a chance to tell someone famous about the revelation don’t think twice and do it! Never forget the significance of the truth we hold. It is for everyone. Share it as such.

Carlos’ post on Facebook:

Greetings, children of light & love! (A Flow of Consciousness by Carlos 11/15/11)

Greetings, children of light & love!

I find myself reading The Urantia Book,

Specifically: paper 134 section 6 –


And truly it resonates with my spirit

to attain tangible lasting world peace…”