Is the Urantia Book ridiculously big or what!? And what’s up with so many hard words? I mean come on! Don’t they want us to read this thing?!

Some people can find the Urantia Book overwhelming and hard to understand. I believe this was one of the reasons for the previous generation’s focus on study groups, and for good reason. In a study group  you can ask questions and slowly take in the book with the help of others who might have more experience with understanding the deep meanings. But when I say this to new readers sometimes I feel like I’m playing the same song as when people explain the Bible. That the UB has a deep profound message but that it’s hidden inside of stories that have to be deciphered. But it’s not the same.

Here is why: The Urantia Book communicates highly intelligent ideas about the deepest questions about life, right? The Bible does the same but in a much less straightforward sort of way. To be blunt it has a lot of filler. I tell this to Christians I talk with and funny thing is they almost never disagree! A wonderful Christian girl I live with goes to Bible studies a few times a week and goes to Church as well. We have talked about the Bible together and she does agree that it is not the infallible word of God. The conversation tends to end there though. I don’t want to push the subject and she doesn’t seem to be interested in exploring what the UB has to say at this time. I respect that. Everyone is where they are and thank God for it. It is very important, though, to engage Christians in conversations for the simple reason that the UB and the Bible have so much in common. If they enjoy reading the Bible we sure know they will love the Urantia Revelation!

103:1.3 While your religion is a matter of personal experience, it is most important that you should be exposed to the knowledge of a vast number of other religious experiences (the diverse interpretations of other and diverse mortals) to the end that you may prevent your religious life from becoming egocentric—circumscribed, selfish, and unsocial.

So the question is, how do we learn to share the teachings with others? How do we control the voice of our ego telling us that others don’t want to hear about it, or that they are not ready? We practice. We study the Urantia Book. Learning the teachings is really the first part. Once you become knowledgeable enough to answer people’s questions with conviction, it starts to feel amazing when you talk with someone about the teachings! You tell them about the universe and about details of Jesus’ life. You tell them about Adam and Eve and the history of our planet. Many times I have had people’s eyes just light up and I swear I can see God looking at me through them. When you’re sharing higher consciousness with someone, there is an energy that is ecstatic! It speaks to a part of them they seldom visit and it touches them in a loving way. Try it. It’s amazing.

Does everyone want to hear about the Urantia Book or its teachings? NOPE. That’s all good though because what is most important is living the teachings. I think anyone in general can fall into a rut, to be honest, concerning living the teachings of the UB. To read and understand what this beautiful book has to say has NOTHING to do with living its teachings. You can intellectualize all day about what it says or means but until it changes your way of living and inspires you to make changes to your way of life, it is merely knowledge. The Now Generation really does have a great challenge to overcome. When the core of our culture in America is focused on material problems and superficial needs, how do we show the youth that a life serving God is more rewarding then anything on earth? In what ways can we live our lives that will inspire others to do the same? How do we show the love of God in our actions everyday?

One thing is for sure: sometimes it feels like a slow process. I was thinking last night that the culture of our community is such that we go to conferences every few years and get really inspired about the vibrancy and love our Urantia family. We leave feeling closer to each other and our purpose. But life is a busy business and as we get back into the flow it all seems to fade away and then we are back to right here. Where do I mean? Here! Today! March 31st. The part of the year that really matters. The “in-between” time that is the real center of when it is important to be going about the work we are called to do. So what does this work look like? When and where does it happen?

Stay tuned for my next post about the REAL action steps we can take every day and week to outreach to our bothers and sister in hopes of sharing a fuller way of living with everyone.

Living Love. Teuvo O.