This Invitational is the very first of its kind! Hosted by the Youth and Young Adult Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship, we invite young people from around the world to join us in Boulder for a transformational weekend of active training and conversations about our role as the rising generation of Urantia Book readers.

Do you feel driven to actively participate in the transformation of the the world? Do you hunger for a close spiritual community to be part of?

The Boulder Invitational is intended to give young readers an opportunity to get to know each other through thought provoking programs and social experiences in one of the most beautiful settings on earth: Boulder, Colorado. We will discuss everything from reaching our personal potential to conducting campus outreach to supporting each other in our small but vital community. Participants will also have a chance to help shape the weekend through their own ideas and contributions. The basic schedule of events is below, and you will receive more information when you register.

We are breaking new ground and hope you will join us in building the future of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Our goal during this weekend is to produce major lasting results for future generations to build upon, and your participation will help guide that vision. We also strive to better represent and foster young Urantia Book readers, and what better way than to spend time together in a stunning space, growing in friendship and spirit. We’ll see you there!

All programs will take place in the UMC and room numbers are included in the schedule below. We will also host a few events in nearby locations, for which transportation will be provided.

Register Here!