Baby steps right!? Sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves that that’s what it takes to begin living a life that transforms the people around us. We don’t have to begin by traveling to an event or volunteering in a soup kitchen; we can do as Jesus did and touch people as we pass by.

Jesus spread good cheer everywhere he went. He was full of grace and truth. His associates never ceased to wonder at the gracious words that proceeded out of his mouth. You can cultivate gracefulness, but graciousness is the aroma of friendliness which emanates from a love-saturated soul. P1874:4, 171:7.1

The trouble with this is, I guess some would say is that its not a normal way to act in our society right? Let me give you an example.

The other day when a friend and I were in Denny’s eating some breakfast we had just ordered our food when we noticed that a downcast appearing older lady across the way was eating breakfast by herself. When I looked over at her she smiled and I had the instant feeling that she would love some company. So I asked my friend to approach the women and see if she would be ok with us having breakfast with her. She walked over, a bit nervous admittedly, and asked the women if she was enjoying her breakfast. She didn’t even look up until the third time my friend asked! When my friend said “we would like to join you for breakfast”, the woman said “yes that would be ok, but I’ll be leaving soon”. So we grabbed our things from the table and had breakfast with her. We talked for over a half hour and learned much about her and her life!

This to most people would seem like an invasion of someone’s privacy. But when you are going in with the right intentions it is everything but that. We were simply paying attention to the opportunity God had put before us, and as a result of acting upon it ,we left that restaurant feeling like a million bucks and without a doubt making her day.

So how can we start small? Here are a few ideas:

  1. In the check out at a grocery store think about how hard the teller works and truly thank them for helping you.
  2. If a homeless person on the side of the road is asking for food or money and you don’t have any, role down your window anyway and tell them that. Acknowledge them whether you’re going to give them anything or not.
  3. Call a local church and volunteer to be a ride provider for older people who need rides to the doctor’s and other places.
  4. Do the dishes for a roommate or friend when you come over to their house.
  5. Keep your eyes open for people who you can feel need help. : )

As mortal and material men, you are indeed citizens of the earthly kingdoms, and you should be good citizens, all the better for having become reborn spirit sons of the heavenly kingdom. As faith-enlightened and spirit-liberated sons of the kingdom of heaven, you face a double responsibility of duty to man and duty to God while you voluntarily assume a third and sacred obligation: service to the brotherhood of God-knowing believers. P1930:2, 178:1.5


We all know how good it feels when someone we don’t know stops and takes the time to help us or takes interest in us. So as Urantia Book readers and believers in the brotherhood of man let us be the shining examples to others around us in transcending the social norms and going above and beyond to serve every person who needs us no matter what. The actions of today are the destiny of tomorrow. Let us never forget that.

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