To me, the conference in Santa Cruz was an invigorating trip that refreshed my mind and spirit.  By far the most moving characteristic was that each person came from such different walks of life and every single person radiated such true personalities of warmth and love.  Each person showed me only kindness and respect and, through conversation, it was clear how much these fellow Urantians have grown towards God.   I so quickly realized again a deeper understanding of the Fellowship of Man and now want,in every way, to join these kind and well oriented truth seekers.  Although the conference was only for a few days, my heart grew by leap and bounds as my desire to know and do the will of Our Father rang out as clear as ever.  I truly cannot wait for the next conference, not only for the service, worships, and workshops, but to continue to fellowship with these people.
I realize this is more of a personal experience than description of the worship and service that took place however I believe understanding how I grew and how I gained from the trip is an equal, if not more worthy account, than the events which unfolded.

-Andrew Theiss

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