Hi, I’m Angie Thurston. I was raised by Urantia Book readers in Boulder, Colorado, and grew up learning what it means to live the Urantia Book’s teachings. In my mid-twenties, I reengaged with the UB and got to know the other members of the Fellowship’s Youth and Young Adult Committee. Working with this group jumpstarted my relationship with God and continues to be one of the biggest blessings of my life. I’ve now dedicated my life to spiritual growth through service, which has brought me to Harvard Divinity School to pursue a Master of Divinity degree.

I’ve gotten to develop amazing connections with other Urantia Book readers because of Urantianow, and I invite you to join us in any number of ways: by submitting an article, attending a conference, getting involved with a project, hopping on one of our Tuesday evening conference calls, or just sending an email our way. We would love to have you with us as we work toward spiritual unity on Urantia!


teuvo_thumbHello my friends! I am Teuvo Orjala.

Urantianow is a long time dream of mine come to life. Being a graphic designer by trade I continue to see the need for a professional, beautiful, and easy to use web presence for the Urantia community.

Being a founding member of the YaYA committee I helped make Urantianow a place to share our personal experiences, opinions, stories, events, and much more. I am the first generation of the information age and I’m very clear on the importance of sharing our experiences through the world wide web.

I have a strong desire to continue to help the Fellowship grow its ability to use multimedia as a tool for growing community and disseminating the revelation.

I currently live in North Idaho and am working on starting a small community farm where UB readers will be able to stay, garden, and grow in spirit. Contact me with questions.

Hold high the mission! Teuvo Orjala (teuvo9@yahoo.com)


Hey Ya’ll!

My name is Elizabeth Craig, but I go by Liz for short. I’m from Oakhurst, California which is about forty-five minutes south of Yosemite. I’m a second generation reader and I grew up with different stories from the History of Urantia and the Jesus Paper’s being my bedtime stories. I wasn’t an avid reader until about two years ago after I went to the TUUFF conference in Montreal with the Truthseekers.

I’m currently a student studying in Fresno, California to be a history teacher, high-school or college I don’t know which yet. I’m also minoring in English just in case I want to become a book editor one day. Outside of YaYA I like to keep busy with my school’s History Club, hanging out with my friends, taking midnight (or more accurately 2am) hikes up in Yosemite to watch the sunrise, and baby-siting my little niece. I truly love learn about different cultures and to travel, even though I’ve only been out of the U.S. once. One day I hope to go to the U.K. and sit in the coffee shop in Scotland where J.K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter which is my favorite book series.

Being into history, I know that the youth is the future and I feel so privileged and honored to be a part of this committee where we are working to build great things for our generation and the future generations of youth to come.

Geoff Theiss here.  As a second generation reader I didn’t pick-up the Urantia Book for myself until a year after college.  When I read the life of Jesus (part IV), I was helplessly enraptured by the taste of unconditional love, the promise of cosmic adventure, and the mitigating wisdom and tireless ministry of our universal Parents.  I found my Source and an emboldened sense of self-purpose.   From there, I spent my Urantia-community infancy in the Bay Area before I moved to Riverside, CA near Los Angeles where I currently reside. I work part time (45+ hours a week) as a chemical engineer and full time (24/7) as an aspiring son of God.
My involvement with the Fellowship has inspired me to dedicate my life to soul growth, social service and ministry, and meaningful participation in the amorphous evolution of what we call the Urantia community.  I encourage you each to participate in Urantianow in what ever way you feel compelled, share your story, your religious life, your thoughts, and your questions and make this webspace a living vehicle to connect seekers with the living truth of the fifth epochal revelation. Geoffrey Theiss (geoff.theiss@gmail.com),


My name is Anthony Finstad.  I’m a Seattle kid whose had the great pleasure of traversing this awesome land of North America and lived amongst some of its culture centers and natural beauty.  I’m currently living in Bend, Oregon. When I was 19 years old (way back in the 70’s) I was introduced to the Urantia Book while hitch-hiking down the California coast.  I knew then what I know now – that this was an epochal text and I was beginning a life long journey of study, service, community building and outreach ministry of the book and its teachings. My passions (and angelic guidance) have led me to working with the Youth and Young Adult Committee. This amazing team of devoted souls has changed the face of the the Urantia Book Fellowship and introduced us to the next generation of leaders and community activists. Please join our efforts in developing creative ways of expanding cosmic consciousness and enhancing spiritual awareness to our struggling planet that so desperately seeks new approaches to conflict resolution, cooperative living, and bringing more meaning and value to our family life.  What is your vision for disseminating the UB and its teachings to this rising generation?  We welcome your thoughts, questions, articles, and passion projects!  Come serve with us. Contact me if you’d like to join one of our weekly conference calls: finstad.anthony@gmail.com

If you are inspired to become part of our team please contact us