Youth and Young Adult Committee – “YAYA”

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The founding members of the YaYA Committee at IC11

The founding members of the YaYA Committee at IC11

Our Initiatives

  • Connecting through regional youth and young adult invitationals
  • Conducting campus outreach
  • Engaging globally through the website
  • Providing resources for young families
  • Organizing service work
  • Getting to know each other through social gatherings
  • Partnering with our adult community to further the revelation
  • Creating methods of support for our GROWING spiritual community
  • Working to bridge gaps inside our community and heal relationships

The YaYA Committee was formed in July 2010. Our founding members are Teuvo Orjala, Mae Thompson, Angela Thurston and Tony Finstad (Chair).  We came together out of a mutual desire to engage youth and young adults in a positive vision for the future of the Urantia movement.

This website is a longtime dream of the Urantia Media Team. Over the years we have seen the need for a website that pulled it all together. Though many Urantia-based sites exist, we lack one that acts as a ground zero for the happenings in our community. A one-stop shop for all things new and current in the world of Urantia Book readers, and, more importantly, a sounding board for this generation’s commitment and contribution to the work at hand.

So we invite you to explore and contribute. Please leave comments or email us with ideas. Our number one goal is to connect our community for the forward progress of ourselves and the world. Love.

Why? I believe that my generation has a great advantage over all prior generations because of our ability to communicate through the world wide web. I also believe that we must attack this avenue of communication with all we have. Hungry souls look every day for truth online and who are we to be invisible to them? When they do find us may we make our commitment loud and clear. Our intentions and goals must shine like the sun. Let us leave no doubt in their minds that the truths and ideals we hold are the kind that transform your life.