A Thank You Note to the YaYAs

It was a blessing for me to experience all aspects of this summer’s study session with younger readers. Sean, Landon and Ji Soo joined with the “mature” group at the preconference retreat for an extended time of contemplative discussion and worship. I’ll remember our time together as I meditate each day.

Sean and Landon answered the call for workshop presentations. I attended Sean’s workshop exploring “the way that the finite exists within the infinite…to gather a broader understanding of how we can contribute to the Supreme, yet have our own free will.” Although it was a very difficult topic, Sean filled it with creative experiences and we had a lively discussion. Landon’s workshop, with his mom Vicki, focused on “The Decapolis Tour” and explored Jesus’s words that relate to the revealed nature of the Supreme…” I didn’t attend, but from Landon’s presence in the preconference retreat and his articulate and humorous report at the feedback session I’m sure it was excellent, as well.

Liz responded to my request for help with the worship sessions, and offered to help with anything else she could do. Consequently, she became one of the “mortal” worship conductors, led an interactive plenary session, and coordinated the YaYAs in an effort to get attendees into the plenary sessions in time for the beginning of worship. It was the first time in my memory that we have achieved that goal!

Sean, Chrystal and Landon volunteered to report at the feedback sessions, Mae and Michael did readings for the worship program, and all the YaYAs contributed to making the Remembrance of Jesus an inspiring and memorable event.

I am especially grateful to Tony and Angie who were always cheerleading behind the scenes and have worked tirelessly to support and encourage the youth and young adults. The presence and participation of young readers enriches our gatherings.

So, dear YaYAs,
I send a heartfelt thank you to all of you. I know that your continued study of the book and your expanding experience of our Father’s love will continue to be evident in your loving service.