The “2×2=MORE” is a project that was birthed after three members of the Northern Light Society of Alaska traveled to a Book Fair in Lagos, Nigeria in May of 2012. They were assisting the International Fellowship Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship organization. The mission of the IFC is to spread the teachings of the Urantia Book to all the peoples of the world.

Since then the Northern Lights Society of Alaska have worked with the International Committee of the Fellowship to send young students of the Urantia Book all over the world.

The video below is from the past trip to Croatia in the Fall of 2014. Derek Samaras and Teuvo Orjala were the two sponsored travelers along with IFC members Arlene and Buck Weimer, Charlene Morrow, and Barb Maier.

We hope this video will inspire you to what is possible when we choose to step into a life of public ministry! Enjoy.