What a world of difference an ocean makes!  The Philippines varied greatly from the book fair in Central America.  Although both countries are predominately Catholic, Asia felt like it had a more conservative attitude toward religion and spirituality.  The opening ceremonies consisted of a full-on mass, including the collection plates.  Our booth was placed next to a Christian-book wholesale vendor, and even though it took them a while to warm up to us, by the end of the week they were curious about this expanded vision of Jesus the Christ.  The lack of curiosity and lack of interest in our giveaways was a common thread that ran through the visitors.  Because of this, instead of tarrying just outside of our booth, like we did in Guatemala, handing out hundreds of spiritual vitamins, our tactics were a bit more passive at the thirty-fourth annual International Manila Book Fair.  We sat back and let the book lovers help themselves to entering the booth to ask questions, read the timeline of the life and teachings of Jesus, or gaze at the portrayal of the Master Universe or the Universal Mother.  Although the intrigue was far less, the fires that were ignited will surely be long-lasting.

photo-2Engaging in his revised technique of holding a booth, the team was allotted more time to be enthralled with more personal, dynamic conversations between each of us.  We went deep in to one another’s minds about the future of the planet, the continuation of international outreach, the perspectives on human eugenics, the finding and activation of individual and collective divine purpose, the art of living, the coming of Jesus, and a plethora of other supreme topics.  It is fantastically stimulating to couple the faith in the family of god with learning to be more at home in my skin while being intellectually, emotionally, & spiritually intimate with those around me.  I have always enjoyed going beyond the superficial weather lingo that most seem to default to as conversation starters.  These fairs were an exquisite taste of what one might expect as the era of light and life approaches.  Since these delightful experiences, I am aware of my conscientious effort to steer dialogue into higher consciousness, with meaningful values, genuine integrity, and sincere

photo-1The realization has sunk in that representing at book fairs has extremely more to do than just showing up in the cubicle and relaying information.  Importance engulfs the months of preparations, the ministry to travelers we meet along the way, getting to know other seasoned readers from the U.S., meeting the local Urantia Book students, and the magical moments that arise when we are in tune with divine leading.  We reached out to the local readership; many came to greet us with excitement in their eyes and hugs.  Others, like in Guatemala, helped us, taking shifts in the booth.  The family that was most motivated was a loving couple, Hector and Chari, who found the Urantia Book in Los Angeles when living in the United States.  Mr. and Mrs. Fajardo  invited to host me upon my return from my adventure to Thailand with some of the other teammates, prior to deporting back to the American mainland.  Their generosity was a fine example of the teachings of Jesus, yet it was as if they accepted it, expected it, as a natural way of living, so graceful, so humble.  At the time of my stay, Chari and Hector were also serving the community by housing three other young people, all for different reasons.  The couple is determined to launch a new study group for their region, now that they have been renewed with the spirit since our visit.

Yet again God had another unexpected advantageous adventure in its plans that were not an official part of the 2×2=MORE expedition.  After the servitude in the Philippines, a few of the booth members had some extra time before returning to North America.  Buck Weimer has a friend and long-time student of the revelation, William Tuffin, that has been living all around that region of the world for the past thirty or so years.  We all decided to meet in Bangkok, Thailand; this was only accessible to me from the generous gift of an anonymous Urantia Book reader and mentor of mine.  Our travel group was graciously guided around this magical city by our Thai-speaking brother.  The mission we unanimously decided would be of greatest value was to place a Urantia Book in the local library.  How awesome is that!  What an honor to have been a part of the exchange at the reception desk of the Neilson Hays Public Library!  Not only is the Neilson Hays an antiquity of architecture, the ladies were so filled with gratitude for our spiritual offering.  I am going to do more of that.

photo-3Applying for the placement in the 2×2=MORE project was not only to be of service while during my already planned world tour, yet also as a testing ground for my personal quest of involvement within the evangelizing of the fifth epochal revelation on the international stage.  I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.  My confidence level in regards to speaking the name of our planet has risen exponentially.  Telling people that the Urantia Book is where I have received truth has become more natural.  I am far less concerned of what others think of me as I speak about a book riddled with its own history that often is the veil that keeps them from accepting its wisdom.  My passion for sharing universal values and supreme goals is rising to new heights that I had yet imagined.  The desire in my temple has been catapulted to spread the teachings of Jesus.  Most of all, I am much more aware of manifesting my earthly life to be the example of the acme of religious living, so our siblings will be inspired to do the same.

Now that I have made it safely back to Oklahoma, my heart has landed graciously in the bonds of other young readers.  I continue motivational dialogue with the international family I have recently met, as we are working toward securing the new study groups being formed.  There is a fantasy that is calling to get out of my mind of traveling, proclaiming the kingdom, and cheer-leading others in their efforts of reeling in our family of God!  Many appreciations flowing to all those who made this power-booster possible for me…the Victoria Foundation, the Northern Lights Society, and the Urantia Book Fellowship.  May your deeds forever be rewarded, if not directly to you, within the righteousness of the infinite.